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The dental practice was opened in 2017. Our team consists of specialists with many years of experience, who can provide you with services in all areas of dentistry. We have modern equipment and the latest materials.

Our team

Prim. dr sci med. Miroslav Oreščanin,
(spec. oral surgery)
Dr Zoran Kecojević,
(spec. oral surgery)
Dr Ana Bojanić-Kecojević,

Your dentist

Better safe than sorry

In my first text, I would like to address the youngest and their parents. Since I encounter a very bad teeth condition (primarily children) every day in the office, I will present some basic principles of prevention in order to help parents maintain the oral and dental hygiene of their children. So, if you have a baby, we start with maintaining the hygiene of the oral cavity (later also the teeth).

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For most people, especially children, going to the dentist represents a trauma and an unpleasant experience, because it is associated with the pain. That was the main problem in dental practice in the 1990s (and earlier), and as a result, many generations were ruined when it came to the dental condition. That is why now it takes time to restore the trust of patients in order to take greater care of their teeth!

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Toothbrushes selection

In addition to the correct teeth brushing technique, which we have perfected, the next important item is the correct choice of toothbrush.
We will first analyze the size of the brush head - the working part. For most adults, it is desirable that it be smaller (about 1 cm wide and about 2.5 cm long), which facilitates the manipulation of the brush in the mouth, easier cleaning of the last teeth in a row, and generally makes brushing more efficient in removing soft deposits and food debris.

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The first permanent teeth

It is very important that parents know the time of eruption of the first permanent teeth, so that they are not neglected. However, this happens very often and as a consequence, caries of those teeth occurs in the earliest period. The eruption time of individual permanent teeth is subject to various individual variations. Between the ages of six and seven, the first permanent molars, or as they are commonly called SIXES, appear.

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